Cloud Infrastructure for All of Your IoT Devices

Empowering your IoT ecosystem with Cloud-Powered Infrastructure: Unleashing the full potential of your systems and devices.

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What we do

We are building the most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective IoT cloud infrastructure for your IoT devices. We are committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your infrastructure needs.

ThingPie Monitor

Stay connected, stay in control - with our cutting-edge IoT monitoring solutions.

ThingPie Notify

Simple, robust, and reliable logging & alerting system.

ThingPie Pay

Seamless & secure IoT payment solutions, build for the future.

ThingPie DMS

All-in-one, state-of-the-art Device Management Systems (DMS) platform for all of your devices.

Cloud Integration should be fun!

Your users deserve the best product.
Your developers deserve the best developer experience.
Your data deserve the best infrastructure.

Unlike any tool you’ve used before

Precision-crafted Cloud Infrastructure – where every message and bytes is a testament to unparalleled connectivity.

Developer First

Seamless developer experience and unlocking the full potential of innovation for your products and your teams.


The efficient remote procedure call (RPC) and proprietary data point model enable seamless & efficient communication. Saving your data bandwith, a ton.


Crafted to fit your unique business needs, empowering you with flexibility and control.


Whether your device is a small ESP32, a Raspberry Pi, or even a full blown custom-made PC, we've got you covered.

Robust & Reliable

Built on a foundation of robust reliability, our solutions deliver unwavering performance, ensuring your confidence in every business-critical operations.

Security & Compliance

Best-in-class security system safeguards data all the time, while stored or in transit between the cloud, devices, and local network.

Proudly made just for you!